For us beauty junkies, there's not a mojito on the planet that is as refreshing as a hydrating facial mist - they're deliciously energizing but contain none of the beauty-leaching effects of rum. Plus, they make it easy to look and feel invigorated when you're traveling.

My darling girlfriend Pam gave us this CaudalĂ­e Beauty Elixir at her spa weekend bachelorette party (yes, it was just that decadent!) and I've been hooked ever since. It not only revitalizes my senses with its tingly, minty aroma, but my skin looks and feels absolutely gorgeous thanks to the grape extract, which boosts microcirculation, and rosemary oil, which tones. plus it's loaded with other oh-so-good-for-your-skin essential oils and it absorbs quickly, leaving you sparklingly fresh-faced. And isn't the name Beauty Elixir appealingly apothecary-ish?

I've been a fan of Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist for years, and I've never packed a suitcase without it. Enriched with over 60 ocean minerals, plus trace minerals including magnesium, copper, and zinc, this water is bottled at the source - 320 meters below sea level, where the water is more pure and nutrient-rich. Only natural aromatic extracts are added to give each mist a light fragrance (I'm partial to Lavender for its calming properties) but a fragrance-free version is available as well. I use this on my face, body, and hair, especially in particularly humid climates. Delish!

I've only recently started using this alcohol-free Hydro-Derm Infusion by esenté and have already gotten noticeable results (after hugging a girlfriend recently she began rubbing her cheek against mine and stated "Your skin is so supple!" How thrilled was I?) This mist not only hydrates and refreshes but actually aids in ingredient penetration so anything you apply afterward (like your moisturizer and SPF) is more easily absorbed. Grapeseed extract protects and willowherb extract calms and has anti-inflammatory properties so your skin is less likely to react or become irritated by other products.

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