Sweet Links

The long weekend is over (sigh) but Fashion Week is here! Celebrate with a few Sweet Links!


You need to know what this T-shirt means! [Afrobella]

Covet-worthy animal prints that you'll go wild for! [Cult of Couture]

Go Greek! Gorgeous Grecian-ish dresses that are as versatile as they are chic! [Fabulous Frocks]

Want the shoe that's got everyone going crazy? [The Budget Fashionista]
You already love these essential oils, now find out what they actually do. [Pretty by Nature]


Speaking My Language

Lady Language, a cheap-but-not-in-a-Forever 21-kinda-way online store, is having their End of Summer Sale! Lots of great buys like these...

(L) Flora Swing Top, marked down to $18
(C) Black Jersey Dress, marked down to $21
(R) Rebecca Beeson Long-Sleeve Crochet Lace Scoop, marked down to $39

Even though it's the End of Summer Sale, all of these would be perfect for fall, no? Just add a couple of layers... Plus, dresses and tops from Sweetees, cute loungewear from Scanty, and lots of to-die-for jewelry. Click here and get to shopping!


Who, What, Where?

Las Vegas - What happens in Vegas should definitely be shown off and talked about at every possible occasion! That is, if you shop at the new Las Vegas Ron Herman boutique, the fashion chain's first retail location outside of Southern California. The 3,000-square-foot store is located in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. Like the many Los Angeles locations, Ron Herman in the Forum Shops will offer personal shopping services that even includes delivery, but unlike its L.A. cousins the Vegas locale is only offering women's merchandise (sorry fellows). Splurge on favorites from Stella McCartney, Acne Jeans, Jovavich-Hawk, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, and Jet, to name a few.

New York - Surf's up in The Big Apple! Hollister is getting its first-ever flagship store and it's coming straight to SoHo. Ambercrombie & Fitch Co. made the announcement on Monday that 600 Broadway will be the new address for a multilevel Hollister Co. come Spring 2009. The brand, which targets 14-18-year-olds, is known for its beachy, California-cool style.


On the Road Again

Sigh. The Labor Day holiday is coming up this weekend, marking the inevitable end of a glorious summer, and the last chance to enjoy a quick getaway before fall. Whether you're road tripping or catching a flight, show up at your destination looking flawless and feeling fabulous with these products.

I absolutely hate taking off and landing when I fly, and I get incredibly restless on long drives. This aromatic facial mist not only refreshes, but the Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist in lavender is so calming I can relax and actually enjoy the ride. Want to feel invigorated and energized? Spritz the Mint fragrance on your face for instant rejuvenation!

It's no wonder Rosebud Salve has become a cult favorite! I use this multi-purpose salve everyday on my lips and cuticles, but when I travel I also like to swipe a little on my eyelids for a touch of subtle shimmer that helps me look well-rested. This also looks great on eyelashes, a beauty secret that gives you the look of mascara without the worry of flaking, smudging, or streaking. Wonderful!

Rosebud Salve, $6

I tend to catnap on long trips and usually wake up with contact lenses as dry as the Sahara. A couple of drops of this Visine, made especially for contact lens wearers, lubricates and refreshes my dry eyes. Plus, the bottle is so handy I can carry it in my purse on the plane or in the car, and once I'm at my destination it stores easily in my pocket.

Visine for Contacts Lubricating and Rewetting Drops, $6.99

I don't know what the scientific explanation is, but a change in altitude or climate causes dry, dry, skin, doesn't it? Since I live in sea-level Los Angeles, even a simple trip to Palm Springs will have my skin begging for hydration. I love this rich Bath & Body Works Hand Cream, plus the Midnight Pomegranate scent is so seductively sweet.

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Hand Cream, $12

I love to stimulate my brain with a good read on a long trip. Cross Realities by Rickey Teems is a real page-turner about one family's struggle to stay together, stay alive, and keep God first - not an easy feat in the rough streets of L.A., especially when one brother is so heavily involved in the street life. Will the family be able to save him, or will his gang-entrenched lifestyle lead him to destruction?

If the name looks familiar it's because the author is my super-talented big brother!

Cross Realities, $15


Beauty and Art

Images from WWD

Girls Gone Styled

Leave the drunk, topless co-eds to the, AHEM, amorous frat boys and check out Girls Gone Styled! Hosts Abby Kalicka and Faran Krentcil host the new online mini show that's all about fashion. Check out episode #3, which is about eco-friendly fashion, and see why green is the new black!


Cocktail Hour

The must-get-your-hands-on accessory for Fall'07 is a big, bold cocktail ring - the bigger and bolder, the better!

A little gaudy and a lot dramatic, giant finger baubles have a glamorous, playing-dress-up kind of feel, plus they add interest and dimension to Fall's richer, warmer colors. Don't be afraid to wear two at a time and don't limit yourself to matchy-matchy rings that go perfectly with your outfit. Mix it up - wear them with jeans and a bomber jacket or your sleekest shift dress, and don't forget to let your fingers do the talking in leather or rhinestones.
This ring is classic! Gorgeous and smoky with to-die-for brilliance, it can easily pair up with Fall's vibrant, jewel-tone hues, or hold its own with monochromatic neutrals. Wear it at work with menswear-inspired pieces for a touch of bombshell glam.

The leather gives this ring a sexy 70's vibe reminiscent of the foxy one herself, plus the gorgeous camel color will look stunning with anything grey in your Fall wardrobe. Wear it with these jeans and platform heels for a chic, throwback look.

Yarborough Jewelry Leather Button Ring, $110

The giant 2-inch wide flower is so fun and fresh! It looks huge on the finger, but that's part of the fun, don't you agree? It is the perfect addition to Fall's ladylike features - the flower is soft and girly, but the size gives it an edgier presence.

Kenneth Jay Lane Flower Ring, $88

The peachy-pink and gold stones make this ring feminine and pretty, but not too precious. The sort of ring you can wear to sweeten up a pair of jeans, basic tee, and simple gold hoops, or your favorite LBD. And you can't beat the price!

Forever 21 Rhinestone Ring, $7.80


The Score

Last week was pretty stressful for my man, which meant it was kind of stressful for me as well. So when he hopped on a last minute flight to Texas, I decided a little retail therapy was in order. Never one to miss out on deep discounts, I headed to Macy's for their 1-day sale. While I don't usually shop at Macy's (the one downtown is pretty much void of anything wearable), I went with a girlfriend and just look at what I scored...

High Twist Rayon Bubble Dress, $118

This Max Studio dress - which I've had my eye on for some time - was marked down to $118. Well, with some additional discounts I paid a measly $29.50 for it!!! I'm still kvelling! Can you believe it?! It's available here for $118 (marked down from $188) - still a great price. I'm telling you, this frock drapes so beautifully and feels so good against your skin you'll never want to take it off!

I also picked up not one, not two, but three of these little trapeze dresses from Old Navy. For a mere $15 each, I suggest you hightail it over there, like, now! You'll go crazy over the pretty colors and patterns, plus this is probably the comfiest dress you'll ever jump into on a lazy weekend morning. Happy shopping!

Trapeze Dress, $15


Good Girls Wait

Single girls, and the lucky boys who date them, are aware of certain "rules"to consider when faced with a new suitor. For example, no messy foods (think BBQ, spaghetti, etc) on the first date, always wait until after date #5 before having "the talk," and other such dating formulas. But whether you follow these rules, or make up your own as you go, come December you will be singing the praises of one dating principle in particular - that's when Nicole Miller's new lingerie collection, aptly titled 3rd Date, will be available.

The collection (Miller's second lingerie line) was designed for "the way women live their lives today," says the designer, no doubt referring to the pearls of wisdom passed down from such celebs as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston (as well as countless other women who are faithful to the third date rule). Seven bra styles, including a lace balconette (Hello, cleavage!) and a plunging strapless number, plus coordinating bottoms and a suspender belt with clips will make up the too-sexy collection, which will be available at Bloomingdale's this winter, and Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus after the first season. Expect to see print ads in Elle this November.

Average retail price for the bras will be $50, the garter belt will go for $24, and panties will be $15. Lingerie this pretty (and inexpensive!) should be shown off, but try to wait until the 3rd date!

Who, What, Where?

Los Angeles - Manhattan Beach swimwear designer Shay Todd has opened up her eponymous boutique in the beachside community. You may remember a certain Carl's Jr. commercial with a certain heiress donning a plunging one-piece a couple of years ago - yup, that was a Shay Todd original. But besides swimwear, merchandise in the 1,800 square feet space (which is shared with contemporary apparel retailer, Bombshell) will also include resortwear (think super-cute coverups). Look for prices to start around $150 and go up from there.

New York - According to WWD, Ambercrombie & Fitch may be coming to SoHo - and coming BIG I might add! A 40,000 square feet space is now occupied by Pottery Barn, but reports suggest the store will be closing to make room for the cargo-slinging, jean shorts-pushing A&F.


Emily Is King

If you haven't yet heard the mellifluous sound of Emily King you are truly missing out! The New York-born songstress with the voice as sweet as honey happens to be the daughter of international jazz duo Marion Cowings and Kim Kalesti, and her deep musical roots push to the surface of every song on East Side Story, her debut album due out August 28, 2007.

Influenced by musicians as disparate as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Nas, and Neil Young, King's style is a captivating melange of R&B, pop and folk. Don't miss U & I (my personal fave), a winsome, lilting tune that Emily describes as "a pure love message." Plus Walk In My Shoes, a ripe coming-of-age expression, has a beat so mellow and infectious even the worst of dancers will find their rhythm.

Catch a live performance of U & I at HBO On Demand through the end of August (click here for the specs) or hear Walk In My Shoes at EmilyKingOnline.com.