Pluey on You

It's raining, nay pouring, in Los Angeles. Cats and dogs. And other cute little furry animals. I mean it is really coming down! While I understand most Southern Californians are ill-prepared for such downpour I still find it hard to believe what I saw this morning - a young woman, wearing denim capris and flip flops! Sister girl, may I recommend an umbrella and a trip to Plueys?!

Plueys.com is where you'll find the most adorable wellies to keep your feet dry and warm and your style quotient intact. Delightfully colorful (the better to brighten up your rainy day with, my dear), with a dash of whimsy, every pair of boots comes with a matching carrying bag so you can change out of them if you want to (if you want to!).

They also have boots for the bambinos, and by the way, when you order any pair for adults, you'll get a kids' pair free. Now that's news that should have you singing in the rain!

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