First Look at Matthew Williamson for H&M

Here's a look at what we can expect from British fashion designer Matthew Williamson when his capsule collection for cheap 'n' chic retailer H&M hits stores this spring:
Prices for the collection range from $50 for shorts to $350 for a ruffled gown. Williamson included ultra-luxe elements, like cashmere, leather, sequins, and embroidery in his designs, which will be available in 200 stores worldwide starting April 23.

Williamson will do an encore on May 14, when his women's and men's styles will become available in all 1,700 H&M stores.

Beyonce's World Tour: Tough-Chic

Here's a look at what superstar Beyonce will be wearing on stage during her much-awaited I Am... world tour:

Sasha Fierce, the name of Beyonce's most recent album, will be personified in these outrageous, woman-cum-warrior costumes created by designer Thierry Mugler. "Sasha Fierce is another aspect of Beyonce's personality," Mugler told WWD. "She is Fierce on stage, and Beyonce in real life."

Beyonce's world tour starts today. Check Ticketmaster.com for info.


Marc Jacobs is Engaged

After a year of dating, fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his advertising exec boyfriend Lorenzo Martone have decided to get engaged! The couple will make the official announcement today in Martone's native Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they've gone to celebrate Jacobs' multibrand store. Both are wearing rings (sweet!) but the pair have not set a date yet. When they do, it will no doubt be the most stylish event of the year!

Congratulations Marc and Lorenzo!


Here Comes the Bride

Net-a-Porter.com just launched a wedding boutique that's full of stylish essentials for the big day -- everything a bride, MOB, and the bridesmaids could need, from dresses to jewelry. They've even got the bride covered for the honeymoon! Guest at a wedding? Net-a-Porter.com will let you shop according to the type of event you're attending: beach, country, day, or evening.


Radici: Just Some Beautiful Things

I am blessed to have some rather impossible people in my life -- friends who are so awesomely creative, it's easy to feel inadequate in their presence; an independent mother who buys what she wants, when she wants it; and a charming fiance who would rather I get something pretty for myself than buy a gift for him (I told you he was charming!). For these beloved people, I have discovered Radici, an online gift depot with tons of insanely cool and unique handmade whatnots for home, baby, him, her, and everyone else.

Many of the products are one-offs, most have just a few available, and none of them are mass-produced, which means the impossible people I love will love and treasure the gifts I give, from the gorgeous hand-dyed silk and wool Sunset Rose Scarf (£140) for mom, to the Official Toothfairy Kit (£12) for niece. Oh, and this so-perfect-for-a-boyfriend-cardy Green Scribble Brooch (£45) for me!


Have a Fling

Here's a tasty little goodie for you... While the word "stylish" is not usually associated with chocolate ("yum," "more," and "I said more, dammit!" are more common), Fling™, a new brand of chocolates, may just be as stylish as they are scrumptious.

Fling™ is a rich truffle on a crisp, light layer smothered in shimmering, yes shimmering, chocolate, making it the most glamorous piece of candy you can eat. Each irresistible flavor has a different shimmer to it -- Milk Chocolate has hint of pink shimmer, Dark Chocolate has a kiss of gold shimmer, and Hazelnut has a whisper of orange shimmer. But the best part about Fling™ is that each chocolatey finger only has 85 calories, so you can afford to eat one or two and still fit into your clothes. Now that's stylish!

Fling™ is available at stores in California, but if you live somewhere else and need a chocolate fix you can order online at FlingChocolates.com.


GQ's 10 Most Stylish Men in America

GQ published it's picks for the 10 most stylish men in America. Check them out and see how your guy stands up to this fashion-savvy squad. In no particular order...
Justin Timberlake (Singer/Songwriter)This one should really come as no surprise. We knew this GQ cover boy and William Rast co-founder had potential when he was that kid in the boy band.

TI (Rapper) Hip hop stars are not typically associated with tailored blazers but TI makes it work with big, baggy jeans and sneaks.

Sid Mashburn (Haberdasher)

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about style, it's Atlanta-based haberdasher Mashburn (seen here with his staff).

Mark Ronson (DJ/Producer)

While most DJs don the same hip hop clothing the clubgoers are sporting, Ronson styles himself in slim-cut suits and skinny ties, a la '60s Motown men.

Jason Schwartzman (Actor)

The coolest thing about Schwartzman is that he doesn't at all let trends or fads dictate his style.

Glenn O'Brien (Style Guy for GQ blog)
He's the Style Guy for GQ, for crying out loud...he'd better be stylish!

Ed Ruscha (Artist)

This LA artist (seen here with his son) is 71 years old and still has a sort of cocky swagger in a suit. Note the tennis shoes.

Alexi Lubomirski (Photographer)

This England-born chap followed fashion rules given to him by his mum, and claims Paul Newman and Robert Redford as his style inspirations.

Kanye West (Rapper/Producer)

Somehow Kanye manages to make flashy, colorful, and punk look so incredibly cool on a guy. He singlehandedly resurrected shutter shades from the '80s!

Andre Balazs (Hotelier)

His hotel, Chateau Marmont, is one of LA's most chic hangouts, so it's no wonder he's among the most stylish. His idea of style: comfort!