Goodies from Carol's Daughter

There's a Carol's Daughter boutique in a nearby mall so I took advantage around the holidays, requesting yummy, whipped, moisturizing concoctions from friends and family. Fast forward to today (less than a month later) and I've got a jones for more of the good stuff - Ecstasy, Groove, Almond Cookie...hmmm, maybe cupid will plant a bug in my darling boy's ear.

These are new and totally divine! As the Almond Cookie Bath Bomb fizzes and bubbles in your warm tub, essential oils, natural butters, and detoxifiers melt into the water, making for a decadent, spa bath like nothing you've ever experienced!
Fruity and sweet with just a hint of Egyptian musk, Ecstasy Sea Salt Scrub, is an indulgent way to pamper your tired feet after a long day in heels. Avocado, jojoba, and wheat germ oil quench your dry itchy skin, while natural sea salt buffs your skin to a gorgeous glow.Beauty fast-fix: If you've got zero time (or money) for a manicure, simply clip your nails straight across and rub cuticle oil on them. This gives the appearance of clean, manicured, healthy nails. My cuticles get painfully dry and this Lemon and Jojoba Cuticle Oil really softens and protects.
Groove Body Butter is so intoxicating I would honestly drink it if I could! The blend of rich cocoa and shea butters drenches your skin in moisture and the sweet red currant, dewberry, and vanilla fragrance leaves you smelling like heaven!


Poster Girl said...

I wish I had a store near me!

Miss Angel said...

Don't fret Poster Girl. They sell at Sephora and online at www.carolsdaughter.com too.