Benefit Cosmetics + Piperlime Shoe Store

Great makeup and skincare plus super cute shoes - what could be better? Well Benefit Cosmetics is teaming up with Piperlime, a shoe website with the most to-die-for shoes, and giving away fabulous goodie bags.
Stay tuned for more details...

Caress Exotic Oil Infusions - One Heavenly Shower

I am a sucker for pretty packages so when I spotted this bottle, with its slightly iridescent ruby hue, Japanese script and sweet teardrop shape I had to have it - and I'm so glad I did!I ended my loooong weekend of doing nothing in particular (the best kind, no?) with a steamy, hot shower and my brand new bottle of Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Japanese Cream Oil Body Wash. The rich, creamy formula felt so indulgent and left my skin fragranced with this gorgeously spicy, sweet, yet kinda floral aroma. There is also a Moroccan fragrance, which I found to be a bit more sweet, but the Japanese was perfectly warm and sensual. The fragrance was long-lasting, which I love, and my skin felt moisturized but not filmy. The name is a mouthful (Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Japanese Cream Oil Body Wash - have you ever seen so many words in a title) but at $3.79 a bottle this will definitely be in rotation in my shower. Loved it! Get your free sample here and let me know what you think.



Happy Friday babes!

What are you doing for the holiday weekend? Hopefully I'll be heading some place where I can wear these sweet little things...

I got these gorgeous Isabella Fiore shoes at a sample sale in Atlanta for a seriously, ridiculously incredible price but you can snatch 'em up from Zappos.com. Ladies, I gotta tell you, my man loves me in these - says my legs look great. Get your own and watch how heads turn!
Have a fabulous weekend! ~ Miss Angel


Sweet Links

See what treats these other fabulous sites are dishing up...

Not just another gorgeous shoe. [55 Secret Street]

Lipgloss + Light = Why didn't someone think of this before?! [Blogdorf Goodman]

Decadent Chocolate Caramel-filled cupcakes...Okay, YUM! [Cupcakes Take the Cake]

Get Bitten. [Denimology]

MAC Flashtronic, coming to a makeup counter near you. [Product Girl]

Set the Trend 2007

ShopStyle Set The Trend: design and win $500Only 1 week left! If you haven't already entered you must - the contest is more fun than I can even say and the grand prize is a $500 shopping spree on Shopbop.com!! What could be better?!! Head to Shop Style now to enter the Set the Trend 2007 contest.

And don't forget to check out the Style Goodies Stylebook on Shop Style and let me know what you think..you can enter comments for each look and add us as a friend! Fabulous!


I have a white iPod - it's sleek and clean and has a sophisticated brown, faux leather case. It's a very grown-up looking iPod and the chic brown case elicits many compliments. But I have a feeling my grown-up little iPod longs for some crazy fun and adventure...something different and fresh and exciting. I suspect my sleek, clean, sophisticated iPod would love to strip out of that faux leather case and slip on one of these...

iPod Canvases are the coolest way to personalize your iPod, and Tokyo Cool offers 'em up for cheap (less than twenty U.S. bucks)!

For the sweet...

For the computer geek...

Head to Tokyomade.com to check out all nine Tokyo Cool styles!


I Want These...

This Porridge is Juuust Right!

Ahh, the quest for the perfect summer dress - a search every fashionista must endure. It is imperative to find a frock that is all at once gorgeous and chic yet playful and flirty. And it wouldn't hurt if it had a little originality. It has to be suitable for work, backyard BBQs, shopping with girlfriends, and any other trouble you can get yourself into when the weather heats up. And don't forget about comfort and ease. But where to find such a dress? I've tried so many - this one was too short, that one was too sheer...I need a dress that's just right!

Enter Porridge Clothing.

The Porridge Clothing Summer '07 collection is amazing! The dresses are versatile and pretty - perfect for the summer. Add a blazer and pumps for the 9-5, then ditch the jacket for after work margaritas with your sweetie. Seriously, I can't think of a single thing I wouldn't wear one of these frocks to - the little strapless number is perfect for an outdoor wedding and the brown tank dress would be fabulous on some tropical retreat, no?
Check out Porridge Clothing to see the entire to-die-for Summer '07 Collection.


Style and Fresh Breath Too!

This is pure genius!! My mom gave me these Little i Mirror Mints and I just can't stop pulling them out of my purse to share (okay, show off). They are everything I adore - tiny with pink packaging and a sweet treat inside! Plus a mirror - seriously too cute to even express here!

These little containers could not be more perfect! They fit easily into the smallest handbag and allow you to freshen your breath and your lipstick at the same time. Imagine, you're date excuses himself to the men's room after the garlicky entree and you've only got a 60 second window to get it together. Whip out your Little i Mirror Mints and your lipgloss, and get gorgeous and minty fresh before you can say "So fresh and so clean.."

The Original Mirror Mints come in Peppermint, Chocolate, or Citrus flavors, or you can get the super-cute Personality Series Mirror Mints that express your individuality: Cute, Flirt, High Maintenance, Hottie, and Spoiled Rotten. I've got both Cute and High Maintenance and I can't decide which package is cuter!

You can find 'em online at Straub's Fine Grocers but check your local Target too!


Chic Magnétique

Every fashionista needs at least one of these stylish magnets from Pink Loves Brown. Your refrigerator door will never look more chic!

Check out Pink Loves Brown to see all eight styles!

Fresh Fruit

What could be sweeter than a slice of juicy watermelon or a handful of ripe cherries on a warm summer day? Fresh fruit that's always in season and always in style!

Double Cherry Hair Clip from Girl Props, $3.99
Garden Shapes Enamel Peach Earrings from Urban Outfitters, $9.99

Tiny All Over Rhinestone Pear Necklace from Intuition, $35

Okay, seriously - how adorable (and affordable) is this jewelry?! I've been on the hunt for cute new baubles and everywhere I looked I found some shiny, little, fruit-shaped number. These pieces would look adorable with a white, eyelet dress or a colorful tank and jeans, no? Definitely the perfect summertime treat!


Bear with me...

Not sure what's going on with Blogger, but the date of these posts is all wrong - I promise you I'm putting new stuff up, but it seems to be stuck in time. Ignore the Thursday, May 10, 2007 heading.

Go Clothing!

Look what's new at Go Clothing, one of the most fabulous shopping destinations on the web!

Dresses from Fluet! These dresses have such a sweet, vintage vibe to them and look just adorable with platform heels. I am loving the little red trapeze number - so Hepburn, no?

Milk Does a Body Good

I'm a sucker for anything that's imported from Italy - they've got great food, fabulous shoes, amazing handbags, etc - so when a friend introduced me to this luscious body milk I was instantly hooked. Not just because she informed me that the website is entirely in Italian (which it is) but because the fragrance was so subtly sweet and the creamy-but-not-greasy formula left my skin noticeably softer, even after I washed my hands! Also the packaging is insanely divine! And it's imported from Italy!
Per Amore offers up Latte Ricco di Mandorle in six seriously scrumptious scents, including the Sweet Almond which I tried and adored. Oh, and the website is in English. ; )

Set the Trend 2007 EDIT

Oops, my bad! The contest ends May 31st..so get going!

Set the Trend 2007 - Have You Entered?

ShopStyle Set The Trend: design and win $500Ladies, there are only five days left to enter a winning look for the Set the Trend 2007 contest. Five days! If you haven't put together a look yet, you simply must - I cannot stress how much fun this is!

Imagine, you can create yummy, imaginative, gorgeous looks from your favorite designers and stores and possibly win a shopping spree just for doing it. It's kind of like playing dress up and paper dolls on your computer. And there is no limit to the number of styles you create - mix Prada with Pucci, then add a dash of Forever 21...it's totally up to you! The contest ends on May 15 so hurry!

Look what I've created today:

What do you think? Would you wear it? Browse the Style Goodies Stylebook on Shopstyle.com and let me know what you think of my looks so far!

It's Coming! Planet Lulu is Coming!

Attention Shopaholics and Stylish Senoritas! You do not want to miss this! The Planet Lulu online sample sale is coming!

Mark your calendars 'cause this sale to end all sales will be here on May 16th. You'll save big money on favorites like True Religion and 7even jeans, skirts and tops from Je'Lee, Ella Moss, and Karanina, and sooo much more! I once scored a so-cute Ingwa Melero jacket for a mere 30 bucks and, might I add, am still receiving compliments on it three years later.

This mega sample sale is invitation-only, so head to Planetlulu.com to register for an invite. Then on May 16th get ready to save big some oh-so-fabulous garb!


Patrick Robinson for Tar-jay!

If you haven't already, you must, must, MUST get thyself to the nearest Target to check out the latest installment of the GO International campaign with featured designer Patrick Robinson.

Ethnic prints, Grecian influences, and sexy silhouettes make up the collection from Patrick Robinson, the 6th designer to work with Target. The prices are, of course, beyond reasonable and the styles are perfect for summer.

It's almost as if this brilliant man is somehow able to read the minds of fashionistas everywhere. He's created clothes that are amazingly flattering and effortlessly chic! I think this is quite possibly my favorite batch of designer fashions to come out of Tar-jay! What do you think?

Pictures courtesy of Target.com.

Set the Trend 2007

So, how great is this? Fashion savvy sweethearts can enter to win a fabulous $500 shopping spree to Shopbop.com by simply putting together their favorite looks from amazing designers on Shopstyle.com! Check it out:

ShopStyle Set The Trend: design and win $500

Look at what I've put together so far...and I'm not nearly done!

It should seriously be illegal for having this much fun in a contest! Head to www.shopstyle.com now and you'll see what I mean!


The Socialite

No I'm not referring to the latest shenanigans of some overexposed celebutante (this is not that kind of website). It's the new Socialite Satchel from Elliott Lucca and it is tres adorable, no?

The sweet, ballet pink color and buttery leather goodness of this bag make me want to don a chic pair of sunglasses a la Jackie O. and head straight to Robertson Blvd. to be seen! If pink is not your thing, it also comes in black, white, or tan - all just as sweet! And all that prettiness comes at less than 300 bucks, so you don't have to spend a small fortune for a cute handbag.

I'm telling you, if you've never heard of Elliott Lucca, you will! I was first introduced to them at a sample sale and have been positively hooked ever since. These bags are hotter than hot and have been featured in everything from In Style to Shape to Marie Claire. Here are some favorites of mine but you have to check out ElliottLucca.com yourself to see all the gorgeous styles!

Colette Clutch by Elliott Lucca
Floral Dr. Satchel by Elliott Lucca
Sly Dr. Satchel by Elliott Lucca
Luxe Satchel by Elliott Lucca


Milla and Mango

We saw it first with Target's Go International campaign, featuring looks from innovators like Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, and Libertine. More recently, Gap recruited CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners Thakoon, Rodarte, and Doo.Ri to put their respective spins on the classic, white, collar shirt for the Gap Design Editions campaign. Now, Milla Jovavich, model-turned-actress-turned-fashion designer, is doing her stylish thing with Mango, just in time for summer!

Milla and MNG is the new summer collection for Spanish retailer Mango, and the latest installment of a series of high-end designers creating looks for mass market retailers. Milla, one half of the eponymous line Jovavich-Hawk, designed twelve dresses for the chain, including a sweet, silk nightie-inspired number, a slinky modal minidress, and the ubiquitious maxi-dress. The designer's creative influence is most evident in the Peaches dress, which looks a lot like a Jovavich-Hawk dress seen on the Spring 2007 runway at New York Fashion Week. You can see the entire Milla and MNG collection here.

With its pale floral print and soft tiers, the Milla and MNG Peaches dress (left) is a less expensive version of the boho-chic Jovavich-Hawk dress.