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Are you bold enough for this look? [Hip Candy]

Sweet online deal on one of summer's hottest trends. [Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle]

Rachel Bilson looks so cute! Steal her look. [Frugal-Fashionista]

A truly angelic dress. [My Fashion Life]
Looking for the perfect jeans? You gotta check this out! [Erica B.'s D.I.Y. Style]


Kindness Is Timeless

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

In an age when students are not safe on their campus, nations are turning against each other in war, and genocides are dividing people, we could all use a little comfort, some kind word or expression to inspire us, even if only for a second. Philosopher Garden renders these kind expressions with inspirational knits that are as comfy as they are enlightening, so giving the gift of kindness feels good to both giver and receiver.

Caption reads: "Be the change you wish to see reflected in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

Caption reads: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-tzu

Caption reads: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." - Albert Einstein

Caption reads: "Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." - Rumi


Waking Up Is Hard to Do

We've all had them - those mornings when crawling out of the warm confines of a cozy duvet and snuggly, soft pillow just seems impossible. For those days, when you find it hard to get out of bed and get your day started, I offer this - my favorite way to wake up:With it's crisp, invigorating fragrance, Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel from The Body Shop will awaken those drowsy senses. You'll step out of the shower feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and you'll smell absolutely yummy!

And since all Body Butters are now on sale at The Body Shop (2 for $28), you can slather on the rich, creamy Pink Grapefruit Body Butter post-shower, and that heavenly, citrus-y aroma will linger with you all day.


Good Sport - A Cute Purse by Puma?!

Everyone who knows me knows that I have never purchased a pair of tennis shoes (the pink and white Nike Jordans in my closet were courtesy of my sweetie). So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted this adorable handbag by Puma! No kidding! This sweet little brown and pink number is actually made by a sneaker manufacturer! At $50.95 it's a total steal, and it's faux leather so you can rock this baby and still keep it green! Love that!


Sass & Bide Dress

So, I was thrilled to see Holly Robinson Peete on the cover of Essence this month - I've loved her since 21 Jumpstreet! (Did I just date myself?) Anyhow, I drooled over the Sass & Bide dress that she's wearing for about an hour. Then I checked out Net-a-Porter and found that it's the Rare Moment Babydoll Dress - tres jolie, no? If the $512 price tag doesn't make your cringe I recommend you snatch up this sweet, little goody -it's much too cute to pass on!

Feeling blue about the price of Sass & Bide? There, there - check out this Free People Printed Voile Ribbon Dress. Just as cute as the one Holly wore but at 128 bucks, the price tag is much more forgiving and you'll be able to afford a chic stacked heel to pair it with!


This Just In...

Look what I found in my inbox! Everything at e.l.f. is just a buck, so you'll score a ton of beauty goodies for a little bit of money and snag this free gift while you're at it. Happy shopping!

Ring Finger

One of my very dearest girlfriends got engaged over the weekend and the site of her shiny, sparkly diamond has me jonesing for a little finger bauble of my own. Found these at Affirmative Accessories - and fortunately for me, at less than $60 a pop they won't set me back two months' salary.
Designer Lori Lewis handcrafts these amazing rings, as well as necklaces and earrings using 14kt gold or sterling silver and gemstones like rose quartz, purple agate, and black line jasper. The collection is nothing short of spectacular; the prices are beyond reasonable; and Lori donates a portion of each product sold to a different charity each month!

Non-Fashion Related Post: Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Take a moment, if you will, to say a quick prayer for the family and friends of those affected by the massacre at Virginia Tech this morning.


Sweet Links

Treat yourself to some goodies with these sweet links:

Smells good enough to eat, but use this all natural scrub for gorgeous, glowing skin instead. [Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget]

Find out which facial cleanser you should be using. [Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint]

The Must-Read of the century!! [Lavish Magazine]
Get a discount on oh-so-sweet hand printed pillows from J.Ritter Designs. [Oh Joy!]


Knit Picks

Though temperatures everywhere are rising, and hemlines are soon to follow, we don't suggest packing away all your knits just yet. Designers like James Perse and Alice + Olivia are showing us some hot little sweaterdresses to don when the weather is more sultry than severe.

Alice + Olivia Empire Twist Dress

James Perse Long Short-sleeve Cardigan

K.A.7 by Katayone Adeli Sweater Tunic

Mirror, Mirror

Artist Susie Ghahrmani is helping to make life a little sweeter by placing her artwork on everyday items such as recipe cards, wallets, coasters, and these adorable pocket mirrors.

Head to www.boygirlparty.com to shop for these and other super-cute goodies!


You Are So Beautiful to Me!

Share this video with your mothers, friends, daughters, sisters, cousins - everyone! Then remind them how beautiful they are.

Look what was in my Easter basket...

It's Pink by Yellowglen, a slightly pink, lightly fruity, sparkling wine from South Eastern Australia - YUM!

Bebe Giveaway!

Happy Monday darlings! Nothing like free goodies from Bebe to start your week off. You could win a set of lipglosses and some cool aviator sunglasses just by entering your email address. Who loves you best and wants you to win some stylish swag?


America the Positively Glowing and Gorgeous!

Check out W Magazine's May cover girl! It's America Ferrera, the pretty young star of Ugly Betty. Doesn't she look amazing?!

Nothing makes my day more than to see a so-called "curvy" girl looking as fabulous and chic as a Chanel runway model. She, along with Jennifer Hudson, are showing the impressionable young girls of the world that you don't have to be stick thin to be considered sexy or pretty or appealing. They are smart, funny, and have confidence to spare - and nothing is sexier than that!

Sweet Links

Here are a few tasty goodies from some other cool fashion and beauty sites.

Stir up a little trouble with the Benefit Bad Girl Eyeliner Pencil. [All About the Pretty]

Find out why the shirtdress is the most effortlessly chic article of clothing you will ever own. [Fashion Tribes]

Discover where you can stay stylish on a serious budget. [Hip Candy]

Get swept away on a sumptuous, tropical cloud. [99 Products]


Romper Room

Much like eating cold, sticky popsicles, running through sprinklers, or jumping from a swingset, wearing a romper conjures up memories of the dilly-dalliances of my youth. New York designer Samantha Pleet has perfected a chic, more grown-up version of this effortless look - still just as sweet as the one's I wore as a child. Cherry slushee, anyone?

Cream of the Cropped

For the most part, I don't know too many people who enjoy being short-changed or having "a little skimmed off the top." We want what we want in its entirety. Don't fill my chocolate malt cup halfway - fill 'er up and add a dollop of whipped while you're at it! But there are times when less is more, a little goes a long way, and shorter actually is better. Spring is one of those times, and these darling little cropped jackets are just the thing to add to your warm weather wardrobe, without skimping on style.

What's New Pussycat?

This dress!! Found this sweet little number on an impromptu trip to Santa Barbara this weekend.
Was ambling down State Street enjoying the gorgeously warm beach weather when I spotted a store window containing several cute dresses with belts, shoes, and hats arranged around them. Though I didn't want to go in (yeah right!!!) my inner "dress babe" fought me until I found myself within the walls of Black Star Trading, perusing racks of bold prints, bright colors, and this very precious little sundress with the most adorable pockets ever!! At $50 the price was too sweet to resist. Do you just love??!!