On the Road Again

Sigh. The Labor Day holiday is coming up this weekend, marking the inevitable end of a glorious summer, and the last chance to enjoy a quick getaway before fall. Whether you're road tripping or catching a flight, show up at your destination looking flawless and feeling fabulous with these products.

I absolutely hate taking off and landing when I fly, and I get incredibly restless on long drives. This aromatic facial mist not only refreshes, but the Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist in lavender is so calming I can relax and actually enjoy the ride. Want to feel invigorated and energized? Spritz the Mint fragrance on your face for instant rejuvenation!

It's no wonder Rosebud Salve has become a cult favorite! I use this multi-purpose salve everyday on my lips and cuticles, but when I travel I also like to swipe a little on my eyelids for a touch of subtle shimmer that helps me look well-rested. This also looks great on eyelashes, a beauty secret that gives you the look of mascara without the worry of flaking, smudging, or streaking. Wonderful!

Rosebud Salve, $6

I tend to catnap on long trips and usually wake up with contact lenses as dry as the Sahara. A couple of drops of this Visine, made especially for contact lens wearers, lubricates and refreshes my dry eyes. Plus, the bottle is so handy I can carry it in my purse on the plane or in the car, and once I'm at my destination it stores easily in my pocket.

Visine for Contacts Lubricating and Rewetting Drops, $6.99

I don't know what the scientific explanation is, but a change in altitude or climate causes dry, dry, skin, doesn't it? Since I live in sea-level Los Angeles, even a simple trip to Palm Springs will have my skin begging for hydration. I love this rich Bath & Body Works Hand Cream, plus the Midnight Pomegranate scent is so seductively sweet.

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Hand Cream, $12

I love to stimulate my brain with a good read on a long trip. Cross Realities by Rickey Teems is a real page-turner about one family's struggle to stay together, stay alive, and keep God first - not an easy feat in the rough streets of L.A., especially when one brother is so heavily involved in the street life. Will the family be able to save him, or will his gang-entrenched lifestyle lead him to destruction?

If the name looks familiar it's because the author is my super-talented big brother!

Cross Realities, $15

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Kori said...

Hi, LOVE that rosebud salve! It's the best.