The Fashionista Diaries

So did anyone else watch the premiere of The Fashionista Diaries on Soapnet?! I did and I thought it was fabulous! It combines all the juicy, gossipy, catty drama of, say, The Real World, but with a stylish, red-carpet, fashion and beauty industry twist - genius!

Here's the scoop (courtesy of Soapnet.com):
"Six lucky twentysomethings -- Andrew, Bridget, Janjay, Nicole, Rachel and Tina – plunge headfirst into the New York fashion world on The Fashionista Diaries. As these newbies will learn, the business of beauty can get pretty ugly. You can find out all about our Fashionistas -- Andrew, Bridget, Janjay, Nicole, Rachel and Tina – by reading their revealing diaries. They're full of juicy fashion tips, sexy secrets and surprising confessions."

The first episode was already pretty juicy - Bridget, a cute but possibly manipulative city girl, moved in with Andrew, the only guy, which begs the question, "Will they or won't they?" Plus, after only a few days of work Nicole began to doubt her ability in the industry (as did her boss!). The Fashionista Diaries airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Soapnet. Click here for more scoop about the show.


Shopaholic D said...

I didn't even hear anything about this till just now! thanks for sharing...looks interesting!

:) D

Miss Angel said...

No problem - I'm sure you'll be hooked! :)