Speaking My Language

Lady Language, a cheap-but-not-in-a-Forever 21-kinda-way online store, is having their End of Summer Sale! Lots of great buys like these...

(L) Flora Swing Top, marked down to $18
(C) Black Jersey Dress, marked down to $21
(R) Rebecca Beeson Long-Sleeve Crochet Lace Scoop, marked down to $39

Even though it's the End of Summer Sale, all of these would be perfect for fall, no? Just add a couple of layers... Plus, dresses and tops from Sweetees, cute loungewear from Scanty, and lots of to-die-for jewelry. Click here and get to shopping!


Lady Language Boutique said...

Hi Miss Angel - thanks for blogging about the store. Style Goodies is fun to read and I have added it to our faves on our blog list. Thanks again and we'll be reading!


Miss Angel said...

Thanks Michelle!