Going for Broke Pt. 2: My Secret for Not Going Broke!

So someone asked me (referring to the previous post about Young, Fabulous & Broke), "What if I don't have money to spend over $100 on a simple little dress to lounge around in?" Great question, because quite honestly I don't have that type of money either. What I do have is a fierce, almost crippling addiction to clothes, and unfortunately, champagne taste to counter my annoying beer budget. So while I may splurge on one YFB dress (because, really, they are to die for), I'll spend an equal amount on about thirty items from American Apparel. See that - it's called balance!

Poplin Cross-Front Dress, $36

Baby Rib Cross-Back Summer Dress, $39

Is this not the most adorable, deliciously comfy romper you've ever seen?! LOVE!

Tri-Blend Halter Romper, $28

If you've never checked out American Apparel you simply must! They have a huge-beyond-your-wildest-shopping-dreams selection of dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, tanks, rompers, socks, and tons more! Everything is colorful and fresh and super-comfy, plus you can't beat the prices with a big ol', expensive, designer stick.

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