Style Goodies Obsession: 18th Amendment Jeans

Okay, so for months I've promised myself that I would not fall prey to the high-waisted jean craze, mostly because I'm more of a dress kind of girl. But today I spotted these babies from 18th Amendment on Shopbop and now I'm literally obsessing over them! Should I or shouldn't I? The good news is that I have the Essence Denim Guide to tell me if they would work for me, but the bad news is that I am so loving them I may just disregard the fact that I've got more junk in my trunk than I have money to buy the jeans!

18th Amendment Colbert High Waist Flare Jean, $212

And the thing is, I wouldn't be satisfied with just one pair - oh no! I would need both pairs because one is obviously perfect for evening (with metallic heels and lots of attitude) and the other is suitable for work, lunch with the girls, or brunch with my sweetie.

So what should I do sweeties? Love 'em or leave 'em? Style Goodies wants, no, needs to hear from you before I whip out my charge card!

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