Good Girls Wait

Single girls, and the lucky boys who date them, are aware of certain "rules"to consider when faced with a new suitor. For example, no messy foods (think BBQ, spaghetti, etc) on the first date, always wait until after date #5 before having "the talk," and other such dating formulas. But whether you follow these rules, or make up your own as you go, come December you will be singing the praises of one dating principle in particular - that's when Nicole Miller's new lingerie collection, aptly titled 3rd Date, will be available.

The collection (Miller's second lingerie line) was designed for "the way women live their lives today," says the designer, no doubt referring to the pearls of wisdom passed down from such celebs as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston (as well as countless other women who are faithful to the third date rule). Seven bra styles, including a lace balconette (Hello, cleavage!) and a plunging strapless number, plus coordinating bottoms and a suspender belt with clips will make up the too-sexy collection, which will be available at Bloomingdale's this winter, and Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus after the first season. Expect to see print ads in Elle this November.

Average retail price for the bras will be $50, the garter belt will go for $24, and panties will be $15. Lingerie this pretty (and inexpensive!) should be shown off, but try to wait until the 3rd date!

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