Undesigned Clothing

"Un" is a contradicting prefix that can turn a perfectly wonderful words into something not so great - unhappy, unreliable, unrequited. So you'd think that undesigned clothes would be unfinished rags of fabric with a devil-may-care structure and zero aesthetic appeal . Instead, Undesigned by Carol Young is not only flawlessly finished, it is wholly unpretentious and completely fetching.

The Los Angeles designer explores various textures and shapes to create pieces that are functional (a flattering pair of gauchos has enormous, hands-warming pockets) and unique (said pockets are flipped on the outside of the pant, like a stylish update on an 80s fanny pack). The collection is undeniably original and each piece is clean and unfussy. Plus she mixes bamboo denim, organic and recycled knits, and other eco-friendly materials with snuggly wools and luxurious silks, then donates every last scrap of unused fabric to local children's art programs. How unbelievably unselfish!

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