Rochelle! Rochelle!

I've never actually adapted to the 'California casual', jeans-and-tees look. In fact, I never even tried conforming. Lucky me, because my defiance is rewarded with luxuriously soft jersey dresses and vintage-inspired frocks from Los Angeles fashion designer Rochelle Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is a master at creating designs that are somehow sweet and sexy at the same time - adding charming details like bows and tiny buttons to a backless dress that is the most scandalous shade of red, or adorably puffed sleeves to a black minidress. In delicious colors and prints, the easy-to-wear pieces look perfectly pretty with flip flops (an L.A. staple) or Ferragamos, and they're honest-to-goodness comfy - 'California casual' comfy.


Anonymous said...

super sexy! love the exposed back~

Miss Angel said...

Isn't it though? You should definitely check out the entire line!