All Myne

We were so much more honest as children, no? When we loved something, we claimed it - and weren't ashamed to do so. Everything was "Mine, mine, mine!" from the Cap'n'Crunch to the California Dream Barbie. So it should come as no surprise that as adults we're still infatuated with all things delicious and beautiful, like yummy little dresses from Myne.

Designer Ashley Ann is the mind behind Los Angeles-based label Myne, a collection of delectable frocks and tops that are as sweet as they are bewitching. Offering flow-y silhouettes in silky fabrics or soft cotton blends, the pieces are playful and flirty enough for day (think softly-sheer Coco, pictured left, or the darlingly puffed-sleeved Roxanne dresses), with a healthy dose of sophistication to turn heads at night (pick the ultra mini Dawn dress or pair the Joy blouse with trousers).

And when your girlfriends come over to borrow something amazing before you all hit the town, tell them with absolutely no shame, "This is Myne - you can get your own at Revolveclothing.com!"

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