Pretty Cheese

The wedding I attended last weekend had a gorgeous cheese display during the cocktail hour, at which my darling boy proclaimed, "I've never enjoyed cheese more!" Have since made it my mission to spoil him completely, with a fine cheese array of our own. I picked up an excellent gouda, Spanish manchego, and a savory Cotswold from the market near my job and paired them with a ripe Pinot Noir for a delicious Friday night of wine and cheese. Problem: no cheese knives. I now have a tiny, but rather painful cut on my pinky thanks to, what I think was a carving knife, and an obsession with obtaining a cheese knife set immediately.

I am particularly fond of these Hammered Metal Cheese Servers and the coordinating Granite Cheese Board from Crate and Barrel. They are impossibly chic and impressive for a relaxing evening in, or a stylish cocktail party with friends.

This Trudeau Cheese Board and Knife Set from Cooking.com is gorgeously rustic-looking and surprisingly affordable at $29.95. Plus the board doubles as a storage center for the knives - genius!
These Stainless Steel Cheese Knives from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are beautifully sleek and modern, and work perfectly for both soft and hard cheeses. They look especially pretty with this Yamazaki Signature Cheese Plate.

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