Hip Clips and a Style Goodies Discount!

Your handbag - she's done so much for you and asked for so little in return. You've loaded her up, way beyond capacity and she didn't whine as she clutched your valuables with every thread in her stitching. She held on for dear life when you left her on the roof of your car for two whole blocks (okay maybe you've never done that, but I have). After everything you've put her through, the least you can do is keep her clean and safe when you go out.

Hook your sweet little girl up with a super-clever Stylagio ClipChic purse hook. Savvy fashionista Anne R. designed the durable little hooks to be compact (they're smaller than your average compact mirror), lightweight (each hook is only 3 ounces), strong (they can hold up to nine pounds), and stylish (you can choose from ten candy colors including Blueberry Mist, Juicy Plum, and Black Licorice). Best of all, they'll keep your pretty pocketbook from collecting dust, bacteria, and other nasties that may be looming on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like these round purse hangers - they are too short for the edges of many tables. I like the classic hook style.

You can find very pretty ones at

Either way - I do love hanging up my purse!

Anonymous said...

I ordered one and it came to my job - my co-workers now want one for Christmas! I'm not fond of the classic style, that's why I got a Stylagio hook

Miss Angel said...

I agree with you anonymous..I like that these styles are sleek and lightweight.

Sarah said...

Yes, I agree with Anonymous 1, the Stylagio purse hooks are not for huge bags, but I tend to own smaller purses, and those are perfect because they are compact and can fit in my (already full) purses!!! I got the Juicy Plum (this is my favorite color!!!) and the Black.