This Porridge is Juuust Right!

Ahh, the quest for the perfect summer dress - a search every fashionista must endure. It is imperative to find a frock that is all at once gorgeous and chic yet playful and flirty. And it wouldn't hurt if it had a little originality. It has to be suitable for work, backyard BBQs, shopping with girlfriends, and any other trouble you can get yourself into when the weather heats up. And don't forget about comfort and ease. But where to find such a dress? I've tried so many - this one was too short, that one was too sheer...I need a dress that's just right!

Enter Porridge Clothing.

The Porridge Clothing Summer '07 collection is amazing! The dresses are versatile and pretty - perfect for the summer. Add a blazer and pumps for the 9-5, then ditch the jacket for after work margaritas with your sweetie. Seriously, I can't think of a single thing I wouldn't wear one of these frocks to - the little strapless number is perfect for an outdoor wedding and the brown tank dress would be fabulous on some tropical retreat, no?
Check out Porridge Clothing to see the entire to-die-for Summer '07 Collection.

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