Caress Exotic Oil Infusions - One Heavenly Shower

I am a sucker for pretty packages so when I spotted this bottle, with its slightly iridescent ruby hue, Japanese script and sweet teardrop shape I had to have it - and I'm so glad I did!I ended my loooong weekend of doing nothing in particular (the best kind, no?) with a steamy, hot shower and my brand new bottle of Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Japanese Cream Oil Body Wash. The rich, creamy formula felt so indulgent and left my skin fragranced with this gorgeously spicy, sweet, yet kinda floral aroma. There is also a Moroccan fragrance, which I found to be a bit more sweet, but the Japanese was perfectly warm and sensual. The fragrance was long-lasting, which I love, and my skin felt moisturized but not filmy. The name is a mouthful (Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Japanese Cream Oil Body Wash - have you ever seen so many words in a title) but at $3.79 a bottle this will definitely be in rotation in my shower. Loved it! Get your free sample here and let me know what you think.

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