Style and Fresh Breath Too!

This is pure genius!! My mom gave me these Little i Mirror Mints and I just can't stop pulling them out of my purse to share (okay, show off). They are everything I adore - tiny with pink packaging and a sweet treat inside! Plus a mirror - seriously too cute to even express here!

These little containers could not be more perfect! They fit easily into the smallest handbag and allow you to freshen your breath and your lipstick at the same time. Imagine, you're date excuses himself to the men's room after the garlicky entree and you've only got a 60 second window to get it together. Whip out your Little i Mirror Mints and your lipgloss, and get gorgeous and minty fresh before you can say "So fresh and so clean.."

The Original Mirror Mints come in Peppermint, Chocolate, or Citrus flavors, or you can get the super-cute Personality Series Mirror Mints that express your individuality: Cute, Flirt, High Maintenance, Hottie, and Spoiled Rotten. I've got both Cute and High Maintenance and I can't decide which package is cuter!

You can find 'em online at Straub's Fine Grocers but check your local Target too!

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Fitzgerald said...

Too cute! Now they just need to invent some kind of mini flashlight so that I can see into the darkest depths of my big purses when there's not alot of light.
As for the Lumene capsules, I believe that they are are okay for all skin types, since all skin types can benefit from vitmains. It's non-irritating and it doesn't leave behind any kind of greasy feeling that would bother us ladies with oily/combo skin. :-)