The Socialite

No I'm not referring to the latest shenanigans of some overexposed celebutante (this is not that kind of website). It's the new Socialite Satchel from Elliott Lucca and it is tres adorable, no?

The sweet, ballet pink color and buttery leather goodness of this bag make me want to don a chic pair of sunglasses a la Jackie O. and head straight to Robertson Blvd. to be seen! If pink is not your thing, it also comes in black, white, or tan - all just as sweet! And all that prettiness comes at less than 300 bucks, so you don't have to spend a small fortune for a cute handbag.

I'm telling you, if you've never heard of Elliott Lucca, you will! I was first introduced to them at a sample sale and have been positively hooked ever since. These bags are hotter than hot and have been featured in everything from In Style to Shape to Marie Claire. Here are some favorites of mine but you have to check out ElliottLucca.com yourself to see all the gorgeous styles!

Colette Clutch by Elliott Lucca
Floral Dr. Satchel by Elliott Lucca
Sly Dr. Satchel by Elliott Lucca
Luxe Satchel by Elliott Lucca

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jnetteb said...

Cute! Love the clutches