Fresh Fruit

What could be sweeter than a slice of juicy watermelon or a handful of ripe cherries on a warm summer day? Fresh fruit that's always in season and always in style!

Double Cherry Hair Clip from Girl Props, $3.99
Garden Shapes Enamel Peach Earrings from Urban Outfitters, $9.99

Tiny All Over Rhinestone Pear Necklace from Intuition, $35

Okay, seriously - how adorable (and affordable) is this jewelry?! I've been on the hunt for cute new baubles and everywhere I looked I found some shiny, little, fruit-shaped number. These pieces would look adorable with a white, eyelet dress or a colorful tank and jeans, no? Definitely the perfect summertime treat!

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Anonymous said...

I like these. I remember pineapples were popular a few years ago on bikinis and purses and stuff.