Milk Does a Body Good

I'm a sucker for anything that's imported from Italy - they've got great food, fabulous shoes, amazing handbags, etc - so when a friend introduced me to this luscious body milk I was instantly hooked. Not just because she informed me that the website is entirely in Italian (which it is) but because the fragrance was so subtly sweet and the creamy-but-not-greasy formula left my skin noticeably softer, even after I washed my hands! Also the packaging is insanely divine! And it's imported from Italy!
Per Amore offers up Latte Ricco di Mandorle in six seriously scrumptious scents, including the Sweet Almond which I tried and adored. Oh, and the website is in English. ; )


Anonymous said...

Hey Style Goodies -

Have you smelled any of the other fragrances?

Miss Angel said...

Unfortunately no, just the almond (which was HEAVENLY!!!). If you get your hands on another fragrance before I do, let me know what you think.