Monday Night Fabulous

I am a football widow - if my guy's not playing, he's coaching, and if he's not coaching he's watching. I'm also a girly girl, so wearing babe's oversized jersey to the sports bar is out of the question, and somehow belting the thing and rocking it with platform pumps and hoop earrings doesn't fare so well with the other fans (What? It was cute!). Fortunately for me, Reebok has just launched a new NFL for Her line featuring (surprise) hot little NFL team tanks, tees, and jerseys, making my Monday night a little more stylish!

Shopping is easy - just click here and pick your (or his) favorite team!

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Shopaholic D said...

That's awesome! It's about time. Some people in my city were taking the guys jersey's and cutting and cropping them and tying up the sides...they were pretty cute but could look kinda slutty if they cut too much off.

:) D