Emerald City

So it was my birthday on Thursday and I've spent the past three days celebrating (sometimes it takes a few days) and enjoying some amazing gifts. It all culminated this afternoon when I took in a matinee showing of Wicked, which was gorgeous and adorable and gave me the chills! Seeing the Emerald City come to life before my very eyes was mesmerizing, but admittedly my mind did begin to wander a bit, and I couldn't help but think about how badly I am in need of a few green pieces in my closet. No, I'm not abandoning my love of all things pink, but this afternoon my admiration for jade, kelly, and emerald grew exponentially! Inconveniently, that admiration comes with a side of mild obsession, so I spent the rest of the afternoon scouring the internet for my next purchase - a cute, new green handbag for the fall. Found it at Intuition!

Mariah Bag, $68

This bag is perfect for so many reasons: a) it's fabulously green, b) it's shiny patent and has a gorgeous quilted look, and c) it's only $68!! Yes, you absolutely read that right - sixty eight bucks! My birthday money will be well spent!


luvdalia said...

Very cute handbag! I love anything patent.

Julie said...

So cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is a total birthday treat.

Miss Angel said...

Luvdalia, I feel you! Patent is my absolute fave for fall!

Julie, thanks for the b-day wish!