A Little Spoonin'

The Spoon: good for scooping, nay shoveling, the chocolatey contents of a pudding cup into my mouth; great as a cuddly, cozy embrace with my honey; best as a calorie-free, no man required, hand-painted, work of art hanging from my neck as an expression of my individuality and good taste.

Enter SpoonFed Art, a collection of wildly unique pendants made of actual spoons and featuring colorful artwork from creative genius Karin Collins. Battling an eating disorder, the Los Angeles-based artist starting painting on spoons as a means of coping. She launched SpoonFed Art after receiving more than a few compliments when she wore the pendants out. Each miniature canvas is handmade and hangs from a black suede cord necklace (which you can easily swap for your favorite chain), PLUS SpoonFed Art supports the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), which means you support NEDA with every gorgeous pendant you purchase. You stylish and chic do-gooder, you... You really deserve a hug!

Want free shipping on your fabulous SpoonFed Art necklace? Okay. Click here right away! Offer ends September 30, 2007.

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