Martini. Lounge.

There are some days when - after battling morning rush-hour traffic, sitting in my office for ten hours, and then battling the evening rush from downtown to get home - I just want to collapse. I don't want to meet the girls for a tasting at the hot new wine bar, or for drinks at our favorite martini lounge. I just want to get through my front door, poor myself a glass of wine (a martini if it's been an extra-trying day), and chill with Jenni.

The Jenni collection of beyond comfy, so affordable loungewear (without stuff written all over the butt) allows me to bring the martini lounge home! I can relax in style - drink in one hand, gossip magazine in the other. Plus there's no valet to wait on, no half-eaten appetizers to pay for, and no snooty server to tip. It's the perfect night out, in.

Check out the Jenni collection at Macys.com, and have a great night!


tiff said...

Fabulous post, dahlink! Totally makes me want to collapse at home and drink Oh yeah, and put on comfy clothes.

Miss Angel said...

Thanks, dahlink!!