This Little Piggy

I was in Phoenix over the weekend for my sweetie's cousin's graduation (Congrats Latrice!) and it was hot, hot, hot! But besides the grueling, sure-to-sweat-your-hair-out heat, we noticed a trend among Arizona women - big, round, pregnant bellies. Yup, it seems lots of little ones will soon be taking over the desert. And Hollywood! We all know Julia Roberts and Keri Russell recently gave birth, and Naomi Watts and Salma Hayek look like they're due to go any day now. Plus, it's been confirmed that Nicole Richie is preggers. So all this baby news has one thing on my mind...

SHOPPING!!!! Is there anything more adorable than baby clothes, bibs, and bonnets? I think not! Though I don't have a wee one of my own to shop for, I'm pushing some of my married friends to produce a niece or nephew for me. And of course I would spoil them with goodies from Piggy Dots!

Chenille Blanket, $40

This sweet Chenille blankie looks so cuddly I'm tempted to get one for myself. There are tons of other patterns to choose from, all just as adorable.

Just about the chicest diaper bag you'll ever carry! And when the wee one's all grown up it doubles as a laptop tote. A bit pricey, but so pretty, no?

Burp Cloth, $24 for a set of 2

How cute is this burp cloth? The pattern is called Chocolate Paisley, which in itself is beyond adorable, but it's also so chic, considering its function.

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