Essence Magazine Denim Guide

Seems every year around this time fashion publications put out what they call the "Ultimate Denim Guide." Mostly cool jeans, trousers, jackets, and even skirts and dresses that drape beautifully on thin (very thin) models but aren't too practical for the rest of us. Not that the rest of us aren't gorgeous, because we sooo are! But we have curves - sometimes a lot, sometimes a little - but they're there. And they're longing for denim that actually accentuates, hides, shapes, or perfects them. Thank goodness Essence magazine has given us a denim guide for real bodies with real curves. It's eight glorious pages of jeans that'll look great on the hippiest, curviest, bootylicious-est bodies!

Check this out...

For ladies with a little waist and a lot of behind, Essence suggests denim from Gap or Notify, which offer cuts for curvier figures.

Photo courtesy of Essence.com

For chicas with wide hips but no defined waistline or butt, Essence recommends trouser cut or sailor pant styles.

Photo courtesy of Essence.com

There's a lot more - head to Essence.com to see more of the Denim Guide!

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