I Heart Malandrino

Photo courtesy of People.com

People magazine is asking which star wore it better, but all I can think is how beautifully easy and fresh this Catherine Malandrino dress is - anyone can look amazing in it, no? So as I'm scouring the web to find this sunny, sherbet-y creation (never did find it) I happened upon more covet-worthy Malandrino to kvell about.

A casual piece that can be worn alone or with leggings or skinny jeans and reach-for-the-sky heels.

Catherine Malandrino Gathered Cotton Tunic, $389

An absolutely PERFECT dress for a summer wedding or a nice evening out with my sweetie.

Just the right amounts of sexy and sweet, plus the most delicious color on brown skin.

Catherine Malandrino Cotton Tunic Dress, $279


Shopaholic D said...

oh my gosh...i agree...that dress is absolutely gorgeous! i *almost* want to make a splurge on it (even though i really shouldn't spend that much $ on one dress - if i did, it would be for this!) nice post!

:) D

Miss Angel said...

I say go for it D! (I'm probably not the best influence am I?)I have to admit, I did splurge on a silk Malandrino blouse. Plus, these are on sale at net-a-porter...it's getting harder and harder to resist the shopping urge!!

Shopaholic D said...

the blouse or the dress? if it's the dress than i guess i can maaaaybe get it...lol...i really shouldn't though!

:) D

Miss Angel said...

Well, the blouse I got from Saks awhile back (super cheap), but the dresses on this page are on sale now at net-a-porter(those are the sale prices listed). Yikes! They're still pricey, I know..but they're sooo pretty, no?

LOL! Good luck with whatever you decide (and send me pics if you decide to go for it!)