The Girls Are Back! Sex and the City Returns

Okay, SITC fans, get ready to see many more Manolos because the Sex and the City movie starts filming this fall! According to Variety, New Line Cinema will distribute the film about our favorite shoe-obsessed writer and her gal pals. Here's a look at some Manolo Blahnik shoes I hope to see on the big screen:

These Stretch Suede Boots are not exactly Carrie's style, but they're so damn sexy, aren't they?! At $1,695 I can forget about it (they're definitely only in my dreams), but if you can afford them, would you mind if I live vicariously through you?

These shoes are just sick! The Buckle Slide features a 4" stacked heel and style to spare. I'm hoping Carrie will wear them with a sheer, flowy dress (that is so her signature, right?) and a messy updo.

The Jacquard D'Orsay is all at once funky and pretty and sexy and sweet! The perfect shoe for any occasion, no? I can just see Carrie running around in a sexy tank, short shorts and these fabulous shoes.

Okay, so I think it may be a little obvious that I'm a Carrie fan. As a fellow writer and shoe-shopaholic I can relate to her character the most (though I can't yet afford the shoes she wears). Her style is a bit different, but that's what's so refreshing about her - she just doesn't care what anyone thinks!

Tell me, loves, who's your favorite Sex and the City girl? Which of the four do you most relate to? Style Goodies wants to hear from you!

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