Jimmy Who?

So I spotted these Jimmy Choo flats in the latest issue of Bazaar magazine, and besides thinking how adorable they would look with a little trapeze minidress I have hanging in my closet, I had a slight feeling of deja vu...
Had I seen these flats before? Where had I seen them? On a co-worker? On the street? No! They were on page 25 of the same magazine and they weren't Jimmy Choo - they were Nine West!

Nine West Dottie Flat

These flats are about as close as you can get to the Choos! And at $69 they're well within my budget - the Jimmys are around $440! Being frugal can be so fabulous!


Talysha said...

These flats are fabulous. It's always good to find a "look for less."

This is my first time visiting "Style Goodies" and it definitely won't be the last. Cute blog.

Miss Angel said...

Thanks for the love Talysha!