Good Housekeeping

If you're anything like me, cleaning house is probably not on the top of your "Favorite Things to Do" list (actually, if you're anything like me it's probably not on your list at all!). Sure it's a priority that must be done and done regularly, but it can't be described as stylish or fun, right? Well, take a look at these common household items from the Home Chic Home Collection by Two's Company - they just might change the way you think about cleaning.

Dish Brush in Black, White, and Blue Damask Patter, $8.99

Drawstring Garbage Bags in Black, White, and Blue Damask, $9.99

Ostrich Feather Duster in Black, White, and Blue Damask, $13.99

Have you ever seen anything like it?! Okay, this is what's happening to me right now: my practical side is saying to me, "Cleaning is not supposed to be stylish, it's supposed to be CLEAN!" but the girly, I-just-love-pretty-things side of me is screaming, "Omigosh!! Look how pretty! Buy them!" I know in the end my practical side will win and I won't buy all of them...maybe just the dish brush. Every girl needs a good dish brush, right?

P.S. There's also packing tape and storage bags - equally adorable! Seriously, Two's Company deserves some kind of award or something, dontcha think?

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very cute