Amazing Grace

While most people are probably rejoicing over the gorgeously warm weather, perhaps refreshing themselves with a frosty sangria or dipping into cool swimming pools to escape the heat, I can't help but think about the impending, brisk autumn weather and, more importantly, the fabulous clothes that only come around this nippy time of year. Among my favorites for Fall '07 is Grace Sun.
An amalgam of sweet, ladylike details, retro shapes, luxurious fabrics, and a sumptuously rich color palette, Grace Sun's Fall '07 collection is only the second from the designer and it's as inspiring as her Spring '07 collection (remember her beautiful bow dress?). The Scout Dress (bottom row, center) offers the same bold stripes and billowy shoulders we loved in the 80's while the Wide-leg Jumpsuit (top row, right) is reminiscent of the sexy glamour that marked the 70's. Besides the obvious nods to decades gone by, the collection also features many of the most favored details of the current season like dresses with pockets, wearable, layered pieces, and of course, the sweet, sunny color yellow. Delicious! (Almost as delicious as that sangria!)


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy?

Miss Angel said...

You can find Grace Sun at www.luvcharlie.com and at www.tobi.com. Also, check out www.gracesundesigns.com for more retailers.

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