Fetish Makes a Comeback

Fetish Distressed Leather Trench

Eve is back and she's bringing her fetish for fashion with her. The rapper-turned-television star plans to re-launch her Fetish clothing line, this time with a new look and a new partner. The apparel brand was originally launched in 2003, but after switching partners (twice) the label was shelved indefinitely. Now the hip-hop diva has partnered with Signature Apparel and intends to show us designs that are more modern and fashionable with higher quality fabrics. Expect to see a woman's contemporary collection with leather jackets and pants, high-waisted denim pants and skirts, comfy oversized sweaters, and a handful of logo tees thrown in for good measure. The brand will re-launch sometime in the fall, right around the time both Sienna Miller and Paris Hilton plan to kick off their own fashion brands. Bring it, Eve!

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Rubber Fetish said...

Wow....Lovely dress.....