How Splendid!

Check out this week's Splendid Reads from the fabulous writers of the Splendicity network:

From the Splendicity network, comes the most splendid reads of the week.


The Latest Luxe
overindulges--yet again--with the Oscar de la Renta Larrabe bag.
The Well-Heeled Society is giving kudos to Filmmaker Andrea Wiley, for her documentary film Soulmate being featured on NBC News (along with a copy of the DVD as a giveaway).
Style Goodies has the scoop on hot and fresh store openings around the world!

Wardrobe Oxygen
answers readers questions about style.
My Wardrobe Today shares a list of her favorite fellow fashionista bloggers.The Fashionable Kiffen Asks "What Do Your Fashion Choices Say About You?"
STYLEnosh asks: Should you wear boots in warm weather?
Snarkstress puts her vote in for 3 of the cutest cuties of Young Hollywood.

Beautiful Makeup Search
kicks off it's Twelve Days of Christmas contest and you will want to enter to win some great giveaways!
A Touch of Blusher
brings you Dior's spring 2008 makeup collection.
Traveling can be a hassle for a beauty! makeup loves me has tips on how to stay pretty in the air.
Teen Style Lounge gives us 6 Quick Steps to totally smoochable lips.
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic has MAC's Finery Lipstick Collections- The Perfect Nude Lip!
Ever wonder what are the best selling products from your favorite beauty brands? Well, Beauty Banter brings you the top 50 Beauty Brands best selling products!
Kyle from Face Candy says YES To Carrots!

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