The Art of Shaving

Here's the thing - I love, love, love the feeling of glorious, silky smooth legs after a shave but I hate, nay, utterly detest the actual task of shaving. It is an abominable chore as far as I'm concerned and there is nothing sexy nor glamorous about it. Now, here's the answer to my hang up: The Art of Shaving. I know what you're thinking, and you may be right, but these skin softening and soothing products from The Art of Shaving are so darlingly-packaged you may just forget what you're doing and actually (dare I say) enjoy the task at hand. Just try it...

Packed with therapeutic essential oils and freshly picked rose petals (hello luxurious!) the Pre-Shave Oil preps skin for the closest, smoothest shave ever and the formula's pure castor and olive oils help the razor to glide easily over your skin.

This ultra-rich shaving cream not only lifts hair for a closer shave, it also moisturizes legs, underarms, and bikini lines with glycerin and coconut oil. BONUS: Your gorgeously smooth gams are left with the delicate aroma of roses.

Just too cute, no? Just like your face brush, this pure badger brush exfoliates, opens pores, and generates a thick, rich lather for an incredible shave. Plus it's contoured for a woman's curves.

Better than any lotion or body cream you've ever used after a shave! This formula contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents to help prevent ingrowns, chamomile and calendula to calm the skin, and tons of nourishing vitamins E and C to replenish lost moisture.

Trapped hair be gone! This is truly a miracle cream that soothes skin and helps ingrown hairs break free. A host of good-for-your-skin ingredients like fruit acids, African shea butter and white willow bark exfoliate and improve skin's texture.

And don't forget about your guy! The Art of Shaving has everything he'll need for an incredibly close shave and touchably soft skin.

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eye4style said...

I adore this shave oil and shave cream. The rose absolute smells fantastic!