Radici: Just Some Beautiful Things

I am blessed to have some rather impossible people in my life -- friends who are so awesomely creative, it's easy to feel inadequate in their presence; an independent mother who buys what she wants, when she wants it; and a charming fiance who would rather I get something pretty for myself than buy a gift for him (I told you he was charming!). For these beloved people, I have discovered Radici, an online gift depot with tons of insanely cool and unique handmade whatnots for home, baby, him, her, and everyone else.

Many of the products are one-offs, most have just a few available, and none of them are mass-produced, which means the impossible people I love will love and treasure the gifts I give, from the gorgeous hand-dyed silk and wool Sunset Rose Scarf (£140) for mom, to the Official Toothfairy Kit (£12) for niece. Oh, and this so-perfect-for-a-boyfriend-cardy Green Scribble Brooch (£45) for me!

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