Have a Fling

Here's a tasty little goodie for you... While the word "stylish" is not usually associated with chocolate ("yum," "more," and "I said more, dammit!" are more common), Fling™, a new brand of chocolates, may just be as stylish as they are scrumptious.

Fling™ is a rich truffle on a crisp, light layer smothered in shimmering, yes shimmering, chocolate, making it the most glamorous piece of candy you can eat. Each irresistible flavor has a different shimmer to it -- Milk Chocolate has hint of pink shimmer, Dark Chocolate has a kiss of gold shimmer, and Hazelnut has a whisper of orange shimmer. But the best part about Fling™ is that each chocolatey finger only has 85 calories, so you can afford to eat one or two and still fit into your clothes. Now that's stylish!

Fling™ is available at stores in California, but if you live somewhere else and need a chocolate fix you can order online at FlingChocolates.com.

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