Natural Beauty

As far as jewelry goes, statement necklaces seem to be dominating, leaving delicate fingers and wrists cold and empty. This season, let your hands do a little talking with natural wood, mineral, and stone rings and cuffs from artist and jewelry designer Christine J. Brandt.

Nothing short of spectacular, Brandt's hand-carved jewelry gives new meaning to the words "wearable art" - beautifully sculpted with interesting curves and breathtaking brilliance. Besides their obvious pulchritude, the line is environmentally friendly - instead of varnishes and stains, Brandt hand rubs natural Danish oils to bring out the wood's natural grain and color, and she never cuts or dyes the semi-precious stones and minerals, opting instead to leave them in their natural, gorgeous state. The result is truly one-of-a-kind, stunning creations that are uncommonly alluring. And for those who simply cannot ignore the de rigueur, Brandt, of course, includes statement necklaces in her collection, each one a gorgeous manifesto of artful elegance and uniqueness.
To see more styles (including bridal!) head to www.christinejbrandt.com.

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