Vogue Under Fire

The April cover of Vogue, with basketball virtuoso LeBron James and supermodel Gisele Bündchen, is stirring up quite the controversy and is being compared to images of King Kong clutching damsel in distress Ann Darrow.

I didn't care for this cover the moment I saw it and I quite agree that there is nothing glamorous, sexy, or "Vogue" about it. It looks as though Gisele is about to trip over LeBron's feet and he looks positively frightening. Now I realize that he is the first Black man to be featured on a Vogue cover, and I applaud the magazine for finally making the move. But for such a landmark issue, I would have much rather seen the suave Mr. Washington, or even P. Diddy (minus the toothpick, please Puff!) grace the cover.
What do you think? Racist undertones or just an unfortunate photo?

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tiff said...

The issue of race and/or racism didn't enter my mind when I first saw this cover. I saw it as an unfortunate photo and a wasted opportunity to create beautiful photography. But definitely an interesting question!