The Spirit of Fashion Past

1st and 2nd periods: Homeroom, then English
3rd period: Social Studies
4th period: Science
5th period: Gym (uggh)
6th period: 8th Grade Math and back to normal clothes (woohoo!)
You'd make a mad dash to your gym locker to retrieve your so-enviable Esprit jean skirt and canvas shoes and head to class - all eyes on the coveted, leather Esprit patch on the belt loop. Yup - you were stylin' and profilin'!

Well, the same Esprit that was so supersonic in junior high has grown up right along with you, offering drool-inducing dresses, tops, jeans, jackets (see above) and sweaters that are totally stylish, 100% layerable, completely affordable, and even a bit sexy! Plus accessories and shoes to tie it all together; not to mention jean skirts - you know, for the girl in you.

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