Cashmere Mafia

I can't wait to see Lucy Lui in the new ABC series Cashmere Mafia (an updated, career-oriented, suitable-for-network-television version of Sex and the City airing November 27, 9pm), but even more, I can't wait until the weather here in L.A. chills a bit so I can rock a little luxurious cashmere myself. If I had my way ( and unlimited funds) I'd live in these pieces all season:

I usually have a hard time with sweatercoats, not just because of the uncomely name (wrap sounds so much more sophisticated, no?), but because they walk a fine line of looking granny-ish. This is probably one of the prettiest sweatercoats I've seen, thanks to its slouchy-but-not-sloppy shape and raw-edge detailing. I'm particularly fond of the glamorous sunburst effect that's happening on the back.

A cashmere bracelet is quite unexpected, but so decadent you have to wonder why someone didn't think of it sooner. The feel of luxurious cashmere gently caressing my wrists is a lovely contrast to the casual look of the cable knit design - a great piece to add to wide-leg trousers for work, or jeans and an oversized sweater for play.

Yarborough Jewelry Cable Cashmere Bangle, $187

I just adore the slightly puffy sleeves of this pullover - they give it a romantic feel that's perfect for fall's modern gamine look. Wear it over a floral print dress with the darkest tights you can find and sweet Mary Jane pumps.

Hayden Scoopneck Cashmere Sweater, $119

I am a firm believer in sweater dressing! There's no maintenance required, you just throw one on and go. This one has a touch of cashmere so it's extra soft, plus you know how I'm mad for puffed sleeves! Best of all it has a fuller skirt than most sweater dresses so it won't feel clingy over tights.

Banana Republic Puff-sleeve Sweater Dress, $108

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