Just Let Your Soul Glow

Designer Jason Wu showed off a Spring 2009 collection of polished, ladylike looks that were fresh and sexy and colorful.

As deliciously girly as everything was, this picture caught my eye...

The dress is gorgeous (the floaty fabric, the detailed neckline, the saturated color--swoon), but I can't take my eyes off the model's radiant skin! Must she have used pounds of exfoliating sea salt and gallons of luminizing lotion to achieve it?

Or is it possible the knowing makeup artists backstage spritzed her lovely face with Sephora Brand's new "Tricks of the Trade" Radiance Mist before sending her out on the runway? 100% colorless and alcohol-free, this kiwi and citrus fruit-infused spray absorbs quickly into skin to refresh and rejuvenate and leave it glowing and fresh.

Sephora Brand has an entire line of "Tricks of the Trade" products, including Makeup Setting Mist and Anti-Shine Primer. Head to Sephora.com to view the collection.


Camille said...

Absolutely love your blog! I have just recently started checking it out - Thank you thank you! i just love it!

Miss Angel said...

Hi Camille! Thank YOU for reading! :)