Beauty on a Budget at Sephora

A five dollar bill doesn't get you a whole lot these days, save for a cholesterol-laden, "value-menu" calorie fest from the drive-thru. So you can imagine my delight to find a mascara at Sephora for just $4! A misprinted price label? That's what I thought, but the Sephora Brand Fantastic Color Mascara really is only four bucks.

And no, it's not some puny little sample-sized tube. It's an actual tube...well, actually, the packaging is unlike any other mascara you've ever purchased! It's a squeeze tube (like a lipgloss) that lets you get every last drop of product. How clever can they get? The mascara itself is a fabulous, clump-free, smudge-proof formula, just like the expensive brands. Choose from Auburn, Blue, Brown and Green.

So what to do with the leftover dollar? Pick up a Sephora Brand Slim Eye Pencil in Blue, Mauve Purple, or Light Purple--there's just a buck each.

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