$12 Denim at Old Navy

I've got a wedding tomorrow and have yet to find anything for my honey to wear. Plus, my hair dresser won't be in the shop, which means I've got to figure out something to do with this head of mine. But with all that's going on, I will find time at some point in the day to hit up an Old Navy for their $12 denim sale. I know, I know...I hardly ever wear jeans, but when they're just $12 who can pass them up?!!

Save on Old Navy's most flattering styles: The Diva (their lowest rise); The Sweetheart (classic rise); The Goddess (high rise); and The Flirt (mid-rise). The sale is one0-day only (August 23rd) so don't miss it!


EM said...

I had a wedding the 23rd as well, but also made time to stop in at an Old Navy. So excited that I got a pair.

Miss Angel said...

You lucky girl! Shopping for a suit for my guy took longer than expected so I didn't make it to the store...what style did you get?