Oh Baby!

My dear friend Nik is having a baby boy this summer and I am wildly excited about the impending arrival of my nephew. Spotted these so-genius goodies at Intuition that I can keep at my place for when baby comes to visit "Auntie Angel!"

I have horrible memories of changing my little brother and getting, um...sprayed. These soft, cone-shaped covers will guarantee I stay dry during diaper changes. Each pack comes with 10 wash-and-reuse teepees.

There will be no shortage of hugs and kisses for the wee one but should I have to put him down for a sec (and I do mean a sec) these snuggly little blankets and toy puppy combo can keep him company.

Because they're just too cute!

My First Biker Boots, $35

And on another note, I have a girlfriend who's getting married this July and I'm already pressuring her to give me a niece so I can buy these:

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Lindsey said...

i LOVE those biker boots, they are very dressy yet comfortable at the same time!