Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is this weekend, so Style Goodies is hooking you up with a tried-and-true gift guide -- just leave this page up on your computer and your honey will get the hint!


Lingerie should not be reserved for {ahem} quality time with your mate. Start thinking of it as an essential style item -- the thing that touches your skin all day and makes you feel totally irresistible, even if you're the only one who knows you're wearing it!
Valentine's Day Gifts- plus save $10 at Frederick's


Sweet, fruity, floral, or spicy -- perfume is pretty much a no brainer when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. Two great ideas: Love by Harajuku Lovers($30-45) -- it's fruity with a soft vanilla finish, and the name is so apropos; and Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker ($36-68) -- make it a girl's night and share this one with all your best girlfriends!


Instead of the garden variety box of chocolates from the drugstore indulge in something a little more exotic this V-Day. Try champagne-infused white or dark chocolate or spice things up with some Ancho chili or Ceylon cinnamon flavored truffles. Vosges Haute Chocolat offers these luxurious indulgences and more!

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