Lip Service: Vinyl Unlimited by Shu Uemura

As if having the industry's most coveted eyelash curler wasn't enough, Shu Uemura has gone and created what I am guessing will be the most sought after lip gloss this season! Vinyl Unlimited (the name alone is so enticing!) is "a new, innovative and professional vinyl-like expression lip gloss with unprecedented brilliance for a shockingly artistic and lustrous lip expression." Unprecedented brilliance? Shockingly artistic? How utterly divine!

The collection of glosses features 8 shades, 5 bold colors like High Shine Hot Pink and High Shine Chocolate Brown, as well as 3 clear top coat shades that range from transparent to pearly to iridescent, sort of like special effects for the lips. Get yours exclusively online at ShuUemura.com!

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